I got mail today! I got mail today! I got mail today!

The first important piece of mail was from this education savings plan place informing me that I don’t qualify for education assistance because of my standing with my university. So I have to mail them back a form stating that I’m going to be delaying my education assistance for a year. Luckily I worked full time this summer so I should have absolutely no problems paying for tuition, books and assorted expenses this year. I’m going to have to go to the postal office on Saturday and get it mailed back (I will most likely be sending it registered, that’s what I did with my first letter to them). Of course, this whole mess brings to light (to my parents, at least) that I still have first year standing. Luckily they don’t know the real reason behind that, heh.

The second important piece of mail was my package from Britt! I got letters, photos, postcards (I wish I was in the Netherlands right now, I went once when I was 10 and haven’t been back since – it’s very disappointing), a mixed cd (which includes one song by The Ataris that I actually do not have on my computer – shocker), candy (I haven’t tried it yet) and a bracelet. I don’t think that I’ve forgotten anything – photos later. I’m going to get to replying to Britt’s letter probably tomorrow and send it on Saturday as well. I have to say though, there’s an awful lot of holes on the sides of the note paper in the Netherlands – my looseleaf paper only has 3 holes on the side compared to like… 30 maybe? I haven’t counted, I should though, hehe.

Picture time of my goodies! So here it was, what I was greeted with when I got home (it was sealed… I had great fun cutting open one end with scissors!)

You know what’s better than postcards? Postcards that change images when you move them.

Another postcard and more pictures! And look! Cows!!!!

Candy! Candy! Candy! Candy! Candy!

A very cool bracelet that I put on as soon as I pulled it out of the package.

And the best part of all: a very long handwritten letter.

Not shown are 2 photos of Britt, a map that locates the place where she lives, another short note and a mixed cd (in defense of the last one, it’s currently inside of my laptop and playing).

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  1. Ohhh exciting, mail is always fun! I, too, received mail today! I got a local farmer’s newspaper and a credit card from american express. wee. not one of those junk offer ones though, one that I applied for. yay for mail that’s not bills!

  2. I still need to go check my mailbox…I hope I got mail too. I love getting mail with goodies in it, looks like you got a lot of cool stuff!

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