BC Day (or British Columbia Day) for those wondering, is not the date of the birthdate of the province of BC. It’s just a civic holiday created for the first Monday of August. Other provinces/territories that have a civic holiday in Canada on the first Monday of August include: New Brunswick (New Brunswick Day), Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan Day), Nunavut (Civic Holiday), Northwest Territories (Civic Holiday), Alberta (Heritage Day), Nova Scotia (Natal Day), Prince Edward Island (Natal Day). While this is all cool, BC has the one that can be shortened the least amount of characters being used (BC Day = 6 characters, 5 if you don’t include the space).

And in other great news, I did a revamp of the section all about me. It includes three very awesome definitions from Urban Dictionary and all about how my portion of Canada isn’t covered with seals and snow. There are also two new pages (basic information and random facts). Have fun reading. And, if no one had noticed in the last few days, I changed my ‘back up’ program of choice for university from a BSc in marine biology to a BSc in evolutionary biological sciences. Yeah, that’s going to be an incredibly long thing to have typed up on a degree, oh well! But that’s just the backup, so it’s okay.

Click here to read all the new information that I got up.

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  1. I think both evolutionary biological sciences and marine biology are cool, although I think I would get annoyed/bored with being wet after a couple days of being a marine biologist!

  2. I’ll go check out the updates you made. Wow, your back up programs are quite interesting. I would have loved to get into those fields. I’m currently doing my BSc in Computing. What’s your first choice?

  3. HAPPY BC DAY!!!! =D

    I always thought that BC day was the birthday of our province… but I guess not. I learnt something new today!!!! haha…

  4. I’m very entertained by Urban Dictionary. The definitions for me in there are very odd to say the least.

    And I’m glad someone finally mentioned that BC Day is the first Monday of August. For the longest time people have not listened to me when I told them sometimes my birthday falls on BC Day.

    I read your twittering about work. Hopefully your okay. T^T

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