For those who were curious about what Clay was propositioning me over, it was about showering and sex. To which I laughed and went “Are you propositioning me?” in a scandalized tone. I was a little taken back by it, but I probably shouldn’t have been considering the suggestions that he’s made before. But for the most part, I’m pretty sure that he didn’t actually mean it. Pretty sure.

Today was pretty tame. Got woken up at like 6am to watch some of the Olympics opening ceremony, went to work, punched in, printed out 96 documents (I’m so going to pay for killing trees in my next life.), organized said documents into different categories, deleted files, moved files, ruined people’s morning/afternoon, got harassed by A (he was opening staring at my chest in order to ‘read’ that my shirt said ‘Cheer Bear’ underneath the Care Bear. Right… He was also suggesting that he gets me another Care Bear shirt that better represents me because I’m never cheery. Fuck him.), ate lunch, did some work, got abandoned at work by my mom (who had a doctor’s appointment, I got a ride to the train station by my supervisor), did more work, disappointed more people, got hugged, punched out and went home.

The thing about work is that I have three weeks left there. I still have 3 whole manuals that need to be finalized, four whole policies and procedures that need to be gone over with D the Sales Director and other small projects that need to be completed. And while they’re all completed, according to me, they’re not according to other people because they keep on coming up with new things to change, or a new concept to work in, or a new way to word something. Like I’ll call something the ‘delivery’ and ‘return’ since that’s how it’s labelled on most of the machine. The Director (not to be confused with the Sales Director) would like it to be called the ‘supply’ and the ‘vacumn’, even though it’s labeled delivery and return on the machines! Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Due to public transit, I got home at around 6:15pm. I normally get home, if my mom were there to drive us home, at around 5:15pm. Yeah, it sucked. I had text messages from Clay to keep me occupied while I was sitting between these two people with absolutely awesome personal hygiene. And there was very little standing room. Ugh.

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend? Me, I’m rereading Acheron. Again… and again… and again…

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  1. It’s okay. I’m an artist in the after life trees will strangle me and turn me into pulp. “YOU DREW ALL THAT CRAP IN HOW MANY SKETCHBOOKS?!” At least I can recycle paper, and cardboard in my apartment building now. Before we couldn’t :S

    Yikes good luck with all those projects. Your “superiors” make me face palm.

    Yay Care Bears shirt! Ya, screw him.

    As for weekend: survive my father, not get food poisoning from my father, clean my room, work on my cosplays for ae, work on website, sketch, sketch, sketch, clean the house before relatives arrive, and sruf the web, and watch a lot of the olympics

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