What I love most about August is (drumroll please…) the back-to-school sales. I’m not talking about clothes or shoes, although those are perfectly awesome too, but the back-to-school electronic sales. I love new toys as much as the next person, and right now I’ve got my eye on getting a wireless router.

See, at the moment my house is set up so that there’s a router, but it’s all cables. There’s slots for 6 different computers, but right now we have 2 desktop computers and 1 laptop computer connected to it. Which is awesome, lah de dah, for the most part we never have all three computers on at a time. But then… There’s the times that there are two computers on (usually my laptop plus one of the desktop computers). And that is an issue. Why? Because it means that I’m stuck in the same room as my father (usually) who likes to read over my shoulder, or go through my laptop, or question who I’m webcamming with (because apparently if it’s not my sister, it must be some 70+ year old sicko internet perv).

So lately I’ve been looking up electronic stores online in my area to find out if they’re having any decent sales and what the specs on those nifty little wireless routers are. So I need something that connect like 3+ computers with cables and both wireless. I’m incredibly exciting, Is wear. Some people spend their summer vacations suntanning somewhere in the south of France or hiking a third of the Appalachian Mountain Range. Me? I work full time, went to school for five days a week for four weeks, and I spend my free time texting the boy and looking up wireless routers so I can be more “me against the world” from the comforts of my own bedroom. See, I’m very exciting when I want to be. Which isn’t very often.

But for my fellow bloggers who have not signed up with payperpost… If you sign up with that link before, you’ll be given a special opportunity to review my blog entries worth $7.50. Awesome, eh? So go ahead and click, I think it’d be pretty awesome to get my blog reviewed and you get a little something in return. Ugh. And I should really stop looking at Burberry coats online.

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  1. I saw that review my post thing and thought Hmm.. Michelle and I could take turns reviewing eachother’s and getting paid! but then I thought of somehting else and forgot.

    Youre gonna love wireless. Ours didnt work out because we’re on DSL and its rather slow but when we had Cable at the apartment, I went into the Kitchen while he stayed in the game room..and we played WoW together. Fun stuff!

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