I have some new content today!

I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday August 17th. I’m going to be going to the beach for a party later today at around 10:15-10:30am and then going to an awesome night market from 7-9pm. I hope everyone has a great day and the next time that I post will probably be tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Yay! I like both pages alot…good, creative work there Michelle.

    I hope tomorrow is fun. barley gets to play with other doggies:..
    Mike & jen’s: Maeli (pug), Sandy (chaweeney)
    Charlotte’s: Zoey (pug), Cricket (chihuahua)

    Ohh..itl be fun 😛 all those dogs + 12 or more people in one house.

  2. Hehe! Those pages were sure good, great job=D. I think the post-it one’s hilarious. I’ll try it one day. And then I’ll wait till they’re all ‘uh.. thanks.. *slight scoff*’ then pull out a big, wonderful, nicely wrapped..

    box of condoms. Wootage. But they did give me a laugh =D.

  3. i saw your post and i had a good laugh. just got home from work so yep, u really did cheer me up! you’re v creative and have a good sense of humor, impressive and keep it up. hope to see more of these on the way!

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