Welcome to layout number seven of ImaginarySunshine.com. I’m your host, Michelle, and this is layout seven with ‘hot air balloons over the city at sunset’. I hope you all like it, I know that I do.

Work was okay today. I have fifteen pages for my lovely second-to-last manual that I’m writing for work. Yay for being accomplished! I got a lot of work done. However, I cannot touch eight of thirteen of my projects until next week when people involved get back. Yay for pushing everything back to the last possible moment…

I’m just going to go and fall over and sleep now. Or just rest my eyes a bit.

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  1. Everyone is putting up new layouts! I feel out of the loop. Haha. I’m loooooving yours! It makes me feel peaceful. I like that. Congrats for the accomplishments at work! You’re almost there! Can you see the light?! 🙂

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