I have seven work days left!

I spent all day today working on the two projects that I can work on without help from other people. From 8am-12pm I spent it working on my latest manual (two and a half work days later, it’s pretty much completed – I went for a minimalistic approach this time in terms of photography since it’s not quite the job you can follow a book for). From 12:30pm-4:30pm, I edited my manual (yay) and organized files for Michelle’s Great File Compiling Project of 2008. Yeah, that was exciting. I got sick of sitting in the room for so many hours that I ended up going out into production and sitting in the office talking to people while editing.

D and D had this conversation about me, right in front of me. Something about how all I ever do there is lie to them. And then (the nice) D was kept on hitting me in the side of the head with an empty plastic water bottle and kept on trying to say that Clay was the one doing it (since about 5 minutes before D started, Clay had thrown a stack of clean foam cups at my head). Seriously, my head got so much abuse today. I ended up snapping at both of them since they kept on doing things to me today. I actually, I pretty much snapped at D, D, K and Clay. Why? Well, K summed it all very nicely today: Michelle’s just a raging bitch. Thanks K, really, thank you very much. Bite me.

But for the sake of sanity and not kissing-and-telling altogether too much… Things did get better at around 4:20pm, just around ten minutes before I went home. And no, I not sharing what happened unless anyone really wants to know (in which case, ask me on msn). But yeah, it was nice.

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