I have six more work days. D gets back in town from a business trip to Florida tomorrow so hopefully on Monday or Tuesday, H and I can set up a meeting with him so that I can get to work on the five projects I have related to sales (and revolve around him). Three of my projects are being put on hold until J, M, H and myself can sit down for a meeting (first possible time is Wednesday August 27th). So that is eight of twelve that I cannot touch at the moment. Then there’s the two that I am currently actively working on. Which brings the total up to ten. Then there is one that just got signed off. I’m being completely serious, I actually had something finalized and signed off on. Finally! And pretty much everything except for about…. oh, seven of them aren’t in the final-writing-stages. Which is a pain in the ass for me since I have six more work days to complete it all. And three that are in the final writing stages won’t get touched until next Wednesday. Which would leave me three work days to pull a rabbit and completed manuals out of my ass.

I’ve been watching Instant Star lately. Watched most of seasons one, two and three and now I’m onto season four (the last season). Does anyone else watch Instant Star? I love the music.

Update on my ears, which have been pierced for twelve days, are healing nicely – as far I as can tell. They’ve stopped hurting (thank goodness) and my ears are only ever sore when something/someone touches them or when I roll onto my side in my sleep. I’ve been very diligent in terms of keeping them clean since the last thing I want is for my ears to get infected (and for my father to pull out the ‘I told you so…’).

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