My savings account is now less $2552.57 due to the fact that I paid for tuition. That’s only for the first term (September to December). My tuition for January to April is slightly less, and I’ll be paying that sometime in December. My school is nice enough to inform me how much I will have paid at the end of April 2009, how much I have paid and how I owe them. Luckily, I work so I can afford to go to school. And speaking of ‘being able to afford’, I found out that three of my five courses require brand new textbooks this year. That means I cannot purchased used books. That means I’m not going to be able to sell them for the same amount that I bought them at. Thank you, university, for screwing me over. However, since I am going to need new textbooks, I’m waiting until my courses actually start to buy them. That way, I can hear from the professors if they’re actually required/if older editions are suitable and then I can just hop on over to the bookstore and buy the new books if I must.

And more talk about money… I just went onto a website to ‘build’ myself a Mini Cooper. It’s yellow and black, has automatic transmission (since I cannot drive a standard/stick/manual) and comes out to $28,750. My, I have expensive tastes. And I cannot afford that. Yay for going to school for 4-5 years in order to afford pretty transportation options? I am just so excited. You have no idea.

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  1. Bah. Thats what scares me about going back to school. Could you imagine MY tuition for school? and can’t you get loans or is that money already loans? Poor michelle. One day youll be a rich, novel selling doctor (or nurse?) and you can have 10 mini matter how ugly they may be 😛

  2. I thought ubc tution is higher. Mine’s pretty much the same as yours. But I think it has to do with what faculty you’re in. You know how the higher years you go in university, the more expensive it gets? But my older sis’ tuiton is lower than mine. >.<

    And i know what you mean about having to buy new textbooks! Some of my textbooks require a code to access the online assignments. You either buy a used textbook and the code separately or you buy the new textbook which includes the code. (The code is different for everyone). It’s more expensive to buy it separately though… but if you buy the new testbook, you can only sell the textbook afterwards, not the code… which means you don’t get a lot of money from it. =(

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