Today started off marvelously! After my morning meeting (8:30am-10:00am), I got three of my ten projects completed (as in signed off by a manager). Which is pretty awesome considering that the clock is ticking on the amount of time that I have left at work (24 more work hours!). So I’m down to seven projects. M is coming back from vacation tomorrow, and once he gets back, J, H and himself can sit down and discuss four of my projects and I’m hoping that he signs off on three of the four tomorrow so I can get down to four total.

But apparently lately they’ve been short on operators due to the fact that people keep on going on vacation. L wanted H to assign me to be an operator full time. Thankfully, H (knowing how many outstanding projects I have left to finish by 4:30pm on Friday) put his foot down on that. Instead, I will be a operating from 11:00am-12:00pm tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Which isn’t bad. I’ll just be helping covering lunch breaks for the other people and then be taking my own lunch break from 12:00-12:30pm. But she actually wanted me on it full time. Which was is stupid. But then again, L’s not the one that needs to sign off on my projects, J, M and H are. Therefore she thinks I don’t actually do much at work. Gee, thank you very much for that assessment. Mostly because she thinks I spend a lot of time ‘chatting’ with the guys on the floor. Well, yes, L, that’s what I do when I’m trying to find out information so I can write manuals to make your life easier! Hey, fancy that. Besides, I’m pretty much the cheapest manual writer that they’re ever going to find considering everyone else at work (and I do mean everyone) makes more than I do.

Ahem, enough about that. I had D show me how to use this program that the techs at work use. He was showing me how all the buttons work and how the program functions (it’s severely messed up, half the time the images don’t show up on the buttons on the computer screen). S comes in and then starts talking to D, which is perfectly fine and all. Then he grabs the back of the chair that I’m sitting on and spins it. Normally this would have been fine. Except I wasn’t ready for it at all and I was sitting with my legs crossed, so one foot was sticking out a bit. And then suddenly I stop spinning. Why? Well, see, the desk that the computer is on is one of those desks that has an empty space in the middle underneath the tabletop and two sets of drawers on either side. My ankle hit the corner of the metal drawers. I couldn’t walk properly for an hour. I end up hobbling and S went to get me an ice pack for my ankle, which I ended up sitting oddly in the room where I normally work. I had to turn the chair such that I could proper my leg up on a stack of shopping baskets (yay for using the products made at work for something positive!) with the ice pack draped over my ankle while I was typing and working. Let’s just say that I got a lot of funny looks when people came in. Mostly people were asking “What did you do?” and then there was the occasional “What on earth did you do this time?” and “What did you trip over today, Michelle?”

Okay, I’m sorry that I’m so damn clumsy sometimes. I really don’t mean it. And could you please stop bringing it up? Just because I trip like a million times at work doesn’t mean that you need to keep on asking what I did to myself this time. I’m tripped and fallen into people like so many times at work this summer it’s not even funny anymore. Actually, some people find it incredibly funny and love to bring it up. I’m sorry that the door to the office where I work is slightly elevated and there’s a metal rim that sticks out three inches above floor level, okay? I’m sorry I keep on tripping over the crap that people leave lying around.

Only three more work days.

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  1. Haha, the tap water in my apartment isn’t safe.

    Good job on the projects! 😀

    I’m the type of person doesn’t trip over anything, but I’m not an ass to others who are more clumsy. That’s just rude ;/

  2. Gosh, I remember when I was counting down the hours at my old job. I was soooooooo elated on my last day, it was nuts. I hardly got any work done at all 🙂

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