I have one more day left at work! I’m also down to two projects. Both of them are manuals. One is in the final editing stage and I got a lot of feedback on it today from the guys. The next is my great file compiling project, which turned into a ‘great file compiling project’ and ‘reformatting all titles, headings, etc.’ My supervisor reminded me today that he expects for me to get it done by tomorrow at 4:30pm. It’s currently at 87 pages. I fully expect it to be close to 250 pages by tomorrow. And while it may seem super easy since I’m ‘compiling’ already-made documents. And it should be. But… like all things that we think are super easy, it’s just not. My goodness. 250 pages. I hope they won’t expect me to print it out, I can just direct them to where it is.

I’ll be bringing the digital camera to work tomorrow so I can get shots of people (yay) and of the rainy, rainy day that it will most likely be tomorrow. Plus the supervisor, mother, director and myself are going out for lunch tomorrow, which will be nice.

Now I’m listening to a CBC Radio interview with people from Avenue Q. Oh Trekkie Monster, how I love thee, you porn-obsessed monster.

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