I went shopping today with the parents. I bought actual supplies for school (lined paper, notebooks, folders). I also bought a new usb jumpdrive (8gb, Kingston – it was on sale and half the price of the 4gb version) and a new pair of shoes (just runners, they’re white and light purple and match my ankle socks pretty well). I had hoped to find a pair of rainboots that I liked, but the rainboots at the store that had nice patterns (I’m picky) were for children and the ones in my size were just clear plastic with glitter. And I don’t particularly want to walk around in clear plastic with glitter boots, thanks. All in all, I did pretty well. My shoes were $35, the jumpdrive was $20 and everything else was $15-ish. Plus, the only thing that I paid for was the jumpdrive, my parents forked up money for everything else, which was nice.

I’ve been attempting to clean my room so it’s all clean by the time I start school, but it’s just not happening any time fast. I have stacks of books all over my floor because I don’t have the shelf space, I have strands of beads draped over coat hangers, I have boxes of binders, notes, lab manuals pretty much everything. I meant to clean it all up at the beginning of the summer but then work happened and… let’s just say that it never got done, at all. Oh well!

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  1. I was actually impressed this year, I only spent $60 for my two boys on back to school stuff. Usually it’s a lot more. Usually I wait for the tax free weekend, too, but the only store in my town is Wal*Mart and I wanted to avoid all the trouble of a busy Wal*Mart.

  2. that’s good you got some useful back to school stuff this year I only managed to get a new school bag lol
    I always clean my room before school but this year I worked so… I kind of didn’t… oh well
    take care

  3. Tsk tsk, naughty michelle! ive let our game room get awful so Ive been redoing it all day and cleaning.

    Thats awesome that the parents forked up the mney! Yaaay! More money in your pocket. Sorry about the rainboots.. I know how much you wanted them.

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