So I managed to spend the day with the family (and family friends, a husband and wife pair) and not want to walk directly into moving traffic. We went out for lunch and the adults spent most of the time talking – my sister and I were done eating fairly quickly and spent the rest of them talking. The wife half of the family-friends pair was very condescending and patronizing. She kept on talking about my sister and I like she really knows us well, which she does. She was going on about how my sister was just going to be getting married soon (she’s not even dating at the moment…) and how I’m probably going to have seven children (ahahaha). But the food itself was okay, except for one dish that had arrived cold (we spoke to the waitress about it, who referred to what I suppose was the head waitress over to the table and then she referred the manager over, who got us a new plate of the ordered food and made that dish complimentary). So, how many members of a restaurant staff does it take to get warm food…?

We walked around a mall for a bit. I wanted to get new head phones (didn’t get any). Instead, I ended up getting Mike-and-Ike candy at a dollar store. And ice cream (yum) at Purdy’s. We ended up going to a Michaels that I normally don’t go to and they had a fairly large clearance section. I ended up getting four strands of beads that are normally priced at $10/strand and were significantly marked down. My sister got two pads of watercolour paper for $6/each (15 sheets per pad). All in all, it was a good deal.

Of course, by the time we got back to the car, my father was busy complaining that all we ever did was go to the crafts store and spend copious amounts of money there and how we never actually did anything with it. I guess he hasn’t searched my room lately, or else he would have seen the boxful of earrings that I have. Anyways, with the new beads, I plan on making necklaces out of them (using one strand per necklace, adding in beads that I already own for spacers and accents). Maybe I’ll finally get around to starting an Etsy shop?

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