You can go look up public Court Records at I was a bit perplexed at this at first, aren’t these things supposed to be private? Well, apparently not! All you really need is some basic information about an American citizen (their name, approximate age, city and state) and you can find out information about them. After further investigation, I found that the site does require you to pay for the information. I find that this is a good thing, considering you wouldn’t want any information regarding your own court appearances landing into the hands of someone that you don’t know or like. But then I considered some good points regarding the website. Like if you’re an employer and want to look up a potential employee before hiring them, this would probably be helpful as you would be able to see if they have an arrest record. Would you really want someone with an arrest record working for you? I don’t know. But the website is well laid out and easy to navigate, which is important. You can also look up court records by state and when I tried finding someone that I know living in the States, it gave me a list of people with that person’s name and also where they were from. So, it’s a pretty extensive database, but it is a paid website so if you are looking for someone’s information, just be sure you’re willing to pay a one-time fee for the information.

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  1. Ya, I saw this before when I was searching for a people finder and this was one of the sites that came up actually. Kinda freaky

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