I took a walk over to my local bakery and bought a dozen muffins. They were made yesterday so they were classes as ‘day old’ so I paid 50% of what the original price for them was. Which is pretty much awesome since they’re still good after a day of sitting on the shelf. Half of them are blueberry while the other half is cranberry. Ahh, baked goods, how I love thee! I’m fully aware that it would be much cheaper if I were to make muffins and other (delicious) baked goods for myself, but I do have a list of reasons why I don’t do so:

  1. I used up what was left of the flour in my house to make crepes last Friday (but boy, were they good!)
  2. There is also no white sugar left in the house, the only sweetener we have is honey (really good honey, btw), but I’m unsure of how much honey is needed to replace sugar (is it a one-to-one ratio?).
  3. There are no eggs.
  4. There is no milk.
  5. My fridge is kind of empty.

However, for those who are currently shaking their heads at the state of my pantry and fridge, I do have vanilla extract! Yum, vanilla! I used to bake a lot when I was younger, but then high school/university occurred and so I kind of stopped. Plus the muffin pan that I have is a) old and b) kind of rusty. Yeah, because I really want to make muffins with a rusty muffin pan (even if I do use liners for them, still not an appetizing though). And then there’s the fact that I can’t really afford ingredients right now (I may, however, be able to talk my dad into buying them for me – I’m not sure how he’d feel about buying muffin trays though).

Plus, you know… rusty muffin tray. And lack of liners. And I don’t have any of those nice tips to pipe out icing with. I do want to get back into baking. I’m kind of lusting after a silicone muffin/cupcake tray though. They’re so nice looking and, according all the literature I have read online, safe for food. Which is good, considering I would be using it inside of an oven and all.

I think I’ll go ask my dad about buying some flour, sugar and eggs now. And milk. Or just buying me a box of cake mix, eggs and milk. And a new muffin tray. Oh boy, that’ll be a great conversation. Last time I tried to talk him into buying me ingredients, he just handed me $10 and told me to go and buy lunch at school instead. Which is a lovely sentiment, but besides the point.

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