I guess I’m ready then! I’m taking the bus that comes in 30 minutes. It’s going to be time to get this (very shitty) show on the road. I’m debating between buying textbooks today or not, since I don’t really want to carry them around while walking through the carnival that my school puts on for the first day. I guess I’ll have to see how the line-ups are at the bookstore and how heavy those textbooks are. Oh well, money money money goes straight to the university. I mean, I have to line up twice anyways (once at the discounted bookstore [not owned by university] and once at the university bookstore) since I’ll be buying textbooks at one and custom course material (i.e. printed by university bookstore) at the regular bookstore. Farewell, money, I hardly knew you.

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  1. My favourite part to back-to-school was going to Staples and getting all my supplies! Just reading your checklist makes me excited. I don’t start until the 15th tho, and I get my supplies list at orientation. I want to buy some school supplies but I don’t want to by a whole load of stuff that i don’t need. GAH! I want to so bad!! haha.

    Oh, the simple pleasures.

  2. Ah, supplies! I may be weird this way, but I enjoy going shopping for pens and post-its and the like, just because.Just how some girls like shoes, I apparently like school supplies, even if I don’t go. Well, hopefully your day went well. I would be a nervous wreck if it was my first day (I was every year). Good luck!

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