I’m doing a lot of this ‘sitting outside of lecture halls’ thing today. Maybe it’s because I don’t have anyone to spend time with (yes, I am that anti-social that I don’t go seeking out people I know) or maybe it’s because I’m too lazy to go find people to spend time with. Either or, I’m sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air (did I really just type that?) and I’m typing away on my laptop and ignoring this girl who’s trying to engage me in a conversation as she believes that I’m in her 100-level biology course (No, I am not. I took that course last year. Leave me alone now please and thank you.).

But my psychology lecture went well. It was very boring and 50 minutes of my professor advertising the fact that we can get up to 4% bonus for participating in experiments and we can also be paid for them as well (but cannot be paid and given course credit at the same time). So I shall see which ones I want to take part in, maybe just choose the ones that don’t provide money for credit and choose the ones that do pay for to put towards my expensive psych book? Hehe. But yeah, other than that, life is going pretty well at the moment. I do have quite a bit of studying to do this weekend (reading for family studies, biology x2, English and psychology, which is all my courses).

Now I’m being pelleted with questions by someone who has issues turning on their clicker. Do I have some sort of neon sign direct towards my head going ‘Ask me questions! I’m chock full of knowledge! Ask me! Ask me! Ask me!’? Anyways, I just turned hers over and pulled out the plastic tab so the batteries inside would actually connect and then I pressed the ‘on/off’ button. Whooo, look at that, it works! Apparently I’m a genius (the direction to pull the tab is actually on the packaging of the clicker so….). Well, it’s nice to know that someone appreciates it.

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  1. LOL wow I get annoyed with stuff like that too.

    My grade 9 animation teacher: “So that’s how you save in this program!”

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