File Extension Library is this great site that offers information about different file extensions. It’s easy to navigate and also easy to understand. The file extension ‘name’ allows your computer to identify what kind of file it is and what kind of program you should use to open it.

For example, with the File Extension PPS, files with the extension .pps are indentified as a PowerPoint Slide Show for the Microsoft program PowerPoint. This unique file extension name identifies both what the file is and what program it is meant for, which is pretty cool. To open a .pps file, you either need to use Microsoft PowerPoint, or you can use another Microsoft program that allows you to view (but not edit) PowerPoint Slide Shows. File extension names can be flexible in which programs that they can open in so you are not restricted to using only the same program all the time. You can even scan your computer for extension errors with a free system scan. It can help keep your computer free of registry errors and issues to keep your computer running well.

Overall, the File Extension Library is a great resource if you’re unsure of what programs open certain file extensions or if you’re not sure what the file extension names means. But it’s a great tool that should be utilized more often by computer users more often.

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