In the last 24 hours (since Friday 11:41am), I’ve managed to attend two lectures (psychology, biology), send out copious amounts of emails (3), blog several times, eat, sleep, dance around to The Ataris this morning, went to the bank, transferred what was required for tuition to my parents’ bank account (they paid it for me first, then I paid them back), freaked out over how much I have left in my bank account ($1718.11), remembered that I do have a GIC that’s going to be accessible soon (yay) and lamented over the fact that I’m definitely not spending much at all from now until May 2009 (when I get a chance to work full time again).

That being said, in tihe last 2 hours, I’ve applied for 16 different scholarships online that were based on essay writing, I’ve also readvertised the textbooks that I want to sell (Does anyone want general chemistry and biology textbooks? Anyone?). I am also not going to be buying any more yarn or beads or polymer clay until I either a) run out of everything that I currently have or b) I suddenly win the lottery and can afford to buy yarn, beads and polymer clay (as well as tuition and textbooks and such). Now, what I really need to learn (besides biology, English lit, psychology and family studies) is how to properly budget. Like, crash course in it. Now. My sister bought me a small notebook that can fit into my bag so I can note down everything that I spend money on, starting today.

I’ve been a productive thing, in other words. I’ve managed to finish all my psychology and English readings. I’ve also read for my human biology course. All that is left now is family studies and my other biology course for today and then I’m caught up (and have read a little bit ahead in all courses) for the start of next week.

But yeah… This whole ‘impending doom’ of being broke/unable to spend money and having a crash course in budgeting is going to be great, I can just tell now. Hopefully the scholarship applications can pan out, hopefully I can afford any books I need next semester and hopefully (let’s cross fingers here now) tuition doesn’t go up again – because if it goes up by more than $10/course, I’m royally fucked.

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  1. wow, you’ve accomplished a lot within those 24 hours XD
    I cant help you with your textbooks, but are you advertising them on facebook? People usually shop for text on facebook =)
    I need to learn how to properly budjet as well.. but first i need to know how to spell budget correctly first XD lol
    That’s a good idea about the cash book thing..maybe I should try…

  2. Aww pooor Michelle. Money sucks.. and money issues suck. Normally Id be really superly duperly good about managing money but every 6 months or so I feel the need to buy a new form of expensive technology. Last November was a 250$ Digital Camera, January was a 6-700$ desktop computer, and today was a 516$ HDTV. Bad Kristi.. BAD. Now, hopefully in a few months, Ill buy the central heat and air..if not,, *I* will be royally fucked.

    Atleast you got everything done though! yay!

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