I started getting ready at around 3pm. I was alternating between watching Greek (horrible show, I realize, it was the only thing that I thought would be interesting was on) and getting ready. I opted for wearing: runners, jeans, dark pink tank top, black shirt and, I topped it all off with, a black and white polka dot headband. He sent at text at around 4:20pm saying that he was waiting for me, so I told my parents that I was going out and that I wouldn’t be home for dinner (the family was having ribs, I was a little disappointed that I would be missing out, but not that disappointed that I would be canceling on him).

Meeting up
We met up at a parking lot (classy, I realize) that’s part of the strip mall that is by my house. He texted me to tell me where he was (he can’t spell, even with the sign there), and I ended up walking the entire length of the parking lot attempting to find him. I eventually did, and avoided getting run over by a few cars when I walked over to greet him. I got a hug and then he opened the door of his car for me (something that he proceeded to do for the rest of the evening). So I got in, he walked around to the driver’s side and we talked about where we wanted to go. He pulled out this small gps unit (his brand new toy that he just got yesterday) in order to figure out what was around my area (basically because I was no help).

At the theatre
We arrived at the movie theatre (after he figured out how to get there with the help of the gps unit – he didn’t take the turn that I suggested) at around 4:30-ish and went inside to figure out which movie we wanted to see. And by ‘which movie we wanted to see’, I mean ‘which movie that I wanted to see’. But luckily he wanted to see Wall-E as well so we were in agreement. But the movie wasn’t until 7:05pm so we went for a walk around the vicinity of the movie theatre to a strip mall to see if there were any restaurants that we wanted to go to. He hadn’t had breakfast yet, but I wasn’t that hungry so I figured I could just go for something small

At the restaurant
We ended up at a nice restaurant that’s kind of halfway down the block and across the street from the movie theatre. I ordered key lime pie (hey, if I’m not that hungry, may as well get dessert!) and he got breakfast (burger and fries). So we talked while we were eating. Once we were done, he paid for our ‘dinner’ and we left. Of course, the boy wasn’t paying much attention and he managed to walk into a wooden post on our way back to the movie theatre. Poor thing. We went back to his car since it was only around 6pm at that point so we just listened to music (my music, not his. We listened to Jack’s Mannequin rather than listening to Metallica. My ears are thankful.) and talked until around 6:30 when we decided to go in to watch the movie.

We got tickets and we went to go get seats (there was like maybe 10 people in total in the theatre, but the movie has been out for a while now). I snagged two magazines that the theatre has on stands and brought them in with us. So we were sitting there in the badly lit theatre and I was reading/flipping through the magazines while he was playing with my hair and we carried on a conversation like that for a while until the previews starting coming up. The only movie in the previews that I really want to go watch is Bolt (tv superdog that gets lost and realizes that he doesn’t actually have superpowers). The movie was really adorable and there were a lot of ‘aww’ moments and funny moments throughout the entire film. If you haven’t seen it yet, I would recommend that you go see it since it was so good. Plus, if you go to the theatre to see it now, it’ll probably be pretty empty. But yeah, the movie was good, we left the theatre at around 9pm.

More talking
After we left, we realized what time it was (I wanted to be home by 10pm since I had to get up at 6am this morning for class) so we just sat in his car and talked a little. Well, talked, I made fun of the incredible amount of papers he has in his car (all from work, might I add) and he found out that I’m ticklish (so unfair…). There were definitely some cute moments in there and he kept on commenting that I was shaking. Well, according to him I was, but I didn’t feel it so I don’t know. He thought I was cold or something, or nervous. I hadn’t really paid attention and didn’t even realize that I was shaking.

Drive home
At around 9:30pm, he figured that he should probably get me home. He’s kind of incapable of navigating my city, so he had to pull out the gps (yet again) to figure out how to get back. I told him the more time-efficient way of getting back and he took that route instead (the gps unit, however, was very annoyed at the fact that he didn’t take two left turns at one point and kept on trying to correct the mistake). We ended up back at the parking lot where we spent the time just talking some more until at 10pm. That’s when the alarm on my cell phone went off and told me that it was time to take the pill. Yeah, that was a bit of a mood killer, if I do say so myself. And I took that as my cue to go home. We said our goodbyes. I commented that his car was practically childproof since the door is incredibly heavy and actually takes some effort (on my part) to get it open. Heh. He laughed at that and told me to have a good night.

And… Yeah, that was my first date with the boyfriend. And it went incredibly well.

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  1. Yay! Im glad it went well and that you actually HAD a first date, finally. Was thinkin’ Id have to come up there and whoop some poor boy’s butt.

  2. Soooo glad your first date went well! I don’t think I went on my first date with the boy until like 6 months into the relationship! Like an actual date that is. Going to the same highschool helped fill the void I guess! We went to Tim Hortons for breakfast after a party, and the rest was history! No kiss goodnight?!!

  3. Awww it’s always cute that you get to remember the actual details of your date with your boyfriend, especially if it’s the first! Our first date happened more than a year ago and I could still recall it by heart 🙂

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