Here are some career choices that I would randomly consider if this whole “university” thing doesn’t pan out. And yes, this is meant to be funny ha-ha, not funny ‘wtf is this girl on and where is the nearest straitjacket?’.

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  1. Gosh I always thought I’d be a cheesemaker as a backup career! Hahaha!

    Fancy being a hang gliding instructor.. I’m scared of heights too. Well, if you’re serious about giving advice, what about counselling? =p. It’s what I used to want to do, but, I sort of decided against it.

    You could try babysitting.. gosh, I hate little kids. My job’s enough dealing with them not knowing how to spell ‘was’. (‘Wus’. Doofus children.)

  2. LOL I love those XD.

    YAY for backup plans. You need to see A’s reply to you’re comment on DA…Ya….I have nothing to say in regards to his comment. It speaks for itself =_=

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