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  1. Ohh darling Michelle. First of all, you didnt drive me crazy. I mean, I like.. listening to it? It makes me miss those stages of love.. the scared, unknowing, what if type of love.

    Youre handling everything logically, which is.. well, very true to who you are. You’re a very inquisitve little thing so it’s only normal that you would dare ask questions. In his defense, he is at the age to be thinking of houses and such and you ARE a university student. Not that either of those are bad things at all. Who says being in love means thinking about marriage and buying a house and *gulp* getting a d-o-g? why cant Love just be something..comfortable? something you can experience WHILE going to college and living at home.

    the only way you could ‘mess up’ is if..
    1. you cheat
    2. you’re honestly psychotic in some way and try to kill him
    3. you push him away because youre scared

    now I dont see ANYTHING even being the least bit possible except for 3 and you have more sense than that. im sure he understands when you change the subject and if he felt that you were pushing him away, im sure something would be mentioned.. right?

    go slow; take things easy. sometimes its better to be in denial than to go around saying you love someone as lightly as if you were telling someone, ‘cya tomorrow.’

    dont be afraid of love. and we’re just giving you a hard time! whos to say youre in love but.. you? those of us who have been there just recognize early signs of affection/caring which usually turn into love, permitted its given the opportunity to grow.

    erm, anyway, i think thats enough o.o

  2. Ya, love is some scary shit but if you in denial about it usually means you are in love (sorry)

    Even a lot of adults like to be in denial about love but at least you take it seriously. A lot of girls are like “I’m in love” like every two seconds….Like…HOW?! You just meet him!

    And every one’s probably bad at the relationship thing in someway (I’m so terrible at it haha) so there’s no such thing as really screwing up unless you like turn into my Dad which I don’t think is possible lol.

  3. Been there before, hun. It’s a scary time to be in – are you or aren’t you? Kristi did a good job explaining things, I see; and I quite agree with her list. It’d be ruinous if you pushed him away because you’re scared.

    -hugs- things’ll turn out right in the end 🙂

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