combines two of the internet’s finest activities: shopping and blogging. The website is very easy to navigate, after I decided on a few search terms to use. By typing in a search term, it brings up various online stores that are selling that product that you’re looking for and it allows for you to engage in the wonderful activity of Comparison Shopping. I’m a big of fan of comparison shopping because it allows you to check out the prices from various websites and includes many major merchants as well. By being able to access all of these sites all at once through one central website, I can easily check out how much things cost and (without having to do the research myself) I can figure out which store is selling at the lowest price and then go and check out where I want to buy it from. Plus, what’s even more awesome, is that when I looked up my favourite band’s name in the search box, it came up with a lot of products that are no longer in production (but online stores still have them). That’s definitely the shopping portion of it, but for blogging, visitors can blog about the products. This enables you to both comparison shop in terms of prices and you can look up reviews at the same time. It’s almost a one-stop shopping website. Just enter your search term, check the price and check up on reviews on the merchant and the item. It’s incredibly easy to use (has to be if I could get the lowest price on certain products within a few seconds).

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