If you’ve ever read some of my blog entries about my dad, you know that he’s kind of… well, he’s kind of a pain. He’s super strict and he likes to tell me that he knows best. Especially when it comes to who I should date. Being Asian, that means I need to date (and subsequently marry) someone of the same ethnicity, someone who can speak the same language(s), someone who has a university degree (minimum), someone who aspires to be a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer or some other equally high-paying occupation. My father doesn’t really put that much stock in what I want, or at least that’s just how it feels sometimes.

But I suppose if I were to ever give in and decide that I’d follow what my father wanted to me do, I’d probably date someone who’s Asian. asianmatching.com is an online dating site where one can make an account (you can make an account for free) and you can search through their Asian Singles . The colours of their website is actually really appealing and I like how it’s set up and gives you a snapshot of what the profiles might look like. And hey, when I scrolled down I saw that a lot of people were from Canada (bonus?). While I’m definitely sure that this was not what my father intended me to check out when he told me to go and date someone in the same ethnic group, I’m terrible at following what my dad tells me to do (especially when he reinforces it on a daily basis like I’m an idiot or something).

Online dating, after all, is one of those things that came around and is pretty much here to stay. And if you’re going to give online dating a try and want to meet some asian singles in your area, why not give a website that looks professional a try? There’s profiles that you can view even without signing up so you can see what’s available, so to speak. Speaking of which, maybe I’ll show this website to my sisters – goodness knows that if they start dating people, my father will get off my back about dating a ‘proper’ person.

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  1. I’m sorry you have to deal with all that pressure! To me, in the big scheme of things, arguments like these ones (parents vs child or belief vs disbelief) really don’t have much of a point. Life is short. Maybe one day your dad will just hope for your happiness in your decisions. But hey, I don’t know much, my parents don’t have restrictions on who I date, they just hope that I am the happiest I can possibly be at all times.
    Good plan with the website and your sisters! Haha it might keep you off your dad’s mind for a bit. Good luck michelle, I’m rooting for you!

  2. BaHHH!!! My parents (mainly mum) were all about marrying ‘an Indonesian guy’ which made me want to dip my head into acid. Can’t remember if you read my blog ranting about it, but GAH. They would greatly love it if I married an Indo guy, which, shockingly, I think is disgusting (only because when I went to Indonesia all the guys there were PERVERTED).

    They would treat me like crap anyway, because I’m different, more pale skinned than them, and because I’m part Dutch I look like a mix.. whatever. Anyway, I know how you feel. It’s annoying.

    Online dating has always sort of scared me, but then again a lot of things do. I just think the whole concept is strange, but of course, professionalism is good, and probably shows the site is effective and.. yeah. xD.

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