Michelle got up at 5:55am. Michelle got onto a bus at 6:54am. Michelle got to school at exactly 8:20am. Michelle is incredibly bored and wondering how she remembers the times for all of these minor events. Maybe it’s because she’s crazy. Or maybe because she’s trying to avoid speaking to S, who really thinks that Michelle cares about her academic plights. And due to this crazy-boredom, Michelle refers to herself in the third person. And you know what? That’s okay.

I’m currently sitting outside of my anatomy & physiology lab and waiting for my lab to begin. I’m being anti-social today and that’s okay. But on the brightside, I got a lovely text message at 8:07 from Clay going “Good morning, Sunshine. I can’t believe I can see the sun still rising.” Oh, silly boy. But I feel bad for him, yesterday he was supposed to work from 10am-6:30pm but R called in sick so he was working from 10am-10:30pm. Definitely felt bad for him. Of course, he’s woking 10-6:30 all this week which means that we get more conversation time this week and he’s going to try to see if he can get out of work a little bit early on Friday so we can go out. -crosses fingers- If not, I’ll be another… week and a half before I get to see him again. Which is fairly disappointing and I’m going through withdrawal, gah. Which, I realize, makes him sound like some kind of drug. Which… I have no reply to, haha.

Hope you’re all having a marvelous Tuesday morning! I’m at school from whenever I got here until 5pm-ish, or whenever I can get my ass onto a bus to get off campus. It’s practically like a full time job. Except I think I got more breaks at work than I do here (not even kidding). I’m on campus for eight hours, I get two hours off between lab and lectures (lab-break-lecture-break-lecture). And I honestly got more breaks at work than I do here in the an eight hour period.

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  1. Trust me, it’s easy to become addicted to your boy 😛 I would know – I’m pretty much addicted to Abram again!

    School is so tiresome. Sometimes I can barely stand it. x_x

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