I just realized that (when scrolling down my index page and looking at what kind of entries I had posted) I went from talking about registered sex offenders to talking about how I was scarred for life over the details and descriptions of all the things that can go wrong during sex. That’s a little… Well… That’s a little odd. I mean, in a way it’s related, but at the same time it’s not. After all, I don’t expect my first time to be with a registered sex offender (I really don’t think anyone expects their first time to be with a registered sex offender and if you do, I suggest you go and find a good therapist to help you out there). Anyways, that was besides the point. I just wanted to point it out because i found it funny. Maybe I just have a special brand of humor or something that just cannot be explained.

Anyways, I’m off to learn about vertebrates and bone structure! Have a good Wednesday, everyone!

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