For those who have read my blog entries before, you know my dad has a huge list of restrictions as to what his future son-in-law should be like. These are restrictions that I don’t actually pay attention to, but there are restrictions that he has put in place and think that I actually follow (hah!). But one of them is to marry someone who’s wealthy, or going to be wealthy or in the position of becoming wealthy. Now how is a middle-class girl like me supposed to find someone who’s all the things that my dad wants? Well, the answer is that I don’t. Because I kind of don’t care what he wants. But in the event that I suddenly get a brain transplant and become the perfect daughter, I would at least want to marry someone who can support my crafting and novel-writing hobbies. That’s where the world’s Millionaire Singles come into play.

The tagline for the website Date A Millionaire is that it’s “The Premier Millionaire Dating Community”. Until recently, I never actually looked at dating websites so I don’t know if it is the premier dating website for millionaires. But the website states that you can join for free and there’s even some profiles for you to peruse (for millionaires and people wanting to date millionaires alike). I’ve only known of one person (my older sister’s friend) who used an online dating service and she ended up marrying the guy she met (and he moved out here for her and everything), so online dating services can work. You get to view pictures and some basic stats and photos of the person in their profiles and what they’re looking for and such. So it’s a pretty similar to other online dating websites, but instead of just pairing up singles and people from certain ethnic backgrounds, it looks at your bank account status. I don’t know how I’d feel about going online in search of a millionaire and nothing short of it. What if I overlook someone who’s absolutely awesome, but just doesn’t make past five figures? What if I overlook someone who could make me ten times happier? But in the even that I do decide to turn to online dating, I suppose there are worse things to be looking for in someone to date. I mean, I could just be basing it solely on what they look like, and that would just make me shallow. And besides.. My crafting habits aren’t that expensive… I’m sure most millionaires in the world could afford it.

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