The thing about Halloween is that there comes a time when you get too old to go door-to-door, trick or treating. It’s a sad time, actually, but eventually some people do grow out of it. If memory serves, I believe the last time that I went trick-or-treating was when I was in grade 11 or 12 (and before anyone tells me that I was too old… I was 5’1″, and I still am 5’1″, and I can still pass for 13 year old if I really want to do so). But as people get older, it seems that we all just tend to have… other Halloween Activities instead of going door-to-door asking for candy.

For instance, at my school, it’s really popular to have club crawls during Halloween time. A fraternity or sorority makes a deal with a set number of clubs where you just pay one flat fee that covers the cover-charges for all the clubs that you’re going to. Imagine showing up as a group (all dressed at the same theme) at local club. As it is, most of the people that I know will be old enough to drink at the time, and there are some places that do let in minors (as long as they don’t drink as they do need to flash ID in order to get something to drink). But it’d be pretty easy to organize. Just sent out some evites to everyone, telling them where to show up and what kind of costume theme it’s going to be and just cross your fingers that they’ll show up. Just be sure to let your friends know about the place in advanced. Like how much drinks may cost, how much the cover charge is, and (of course) what kind of costume theme you’re planning on.

But for the younger set (the much younger set), Halloween can be a bit frightening at times. My cousins’ kids are absolutely adorable and they love dressing up. Plus, they’re also still young enough to appreciate arts and crafts (they haven’t gotten into the whole ‘boys only play sports’ mentality yet, thank goodness!). But Halloween can be a pretty crafty time of year. When we have them over this year around the end of October, I’m definitely going to be giving my parents a shopping list for craft supplies. I’m thinking of baking cupcakes and just letting them go wild with the decorating with the sprinkles and the icing, maybe a batch of cookies or two. Or, you know, just having Halloween-themed foam pieces or stickers and having them make photo frames out of popsicle sticks. Having my cousins’ kids over is basically the only time that I really get to regress back to my childhood so I’m definitely going to be making sure that it’ll be a blast this year (much thanks, in advance, to my parents for forking up the cash for this!).

You can find a lot of party ideas (for Halloween or another holiday) over at

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  1. I miss trick or treating! STUPID STUPID SOCIETY!

    Oooh yay for crafty ness and baking!

    I’ll probably end up going to the Night of the Living Cabaret at Emily Carr again (hopefully it’s on Halloween).

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