Anyone who knows me knows that I kind of can’t stand dogs. But, I do love cats and I hope to have one one day. Along with a giant fish tank… a few legless amphibians… a gecko or four and possibly a few anoles. Oh! And turtles! I cannot forget the turtles! Needless to say, in the event that I get my own house, I’m either going to have a living room that’s completely covered in tanks and cat toys or have a room dedicated to my cold blooded friends. But, enough about the reptiles and amphibians, let’s get back to cats.

I have always told myself that when I get a cat, I’m going to name it Schrodinger, after the thought experiment Schrodinger’s Cat. But like anything else I do in life, I research it intensely before following through on something. Wanting to become a pediatric oncologist? Researched that for ages. Wanting to go to nursing school? I read up on 10+ programs in Canada alone. Raising goldfish? Definitely absorbed as much information on the shiny fish as I could. But cats… I’ve never owned a cat before. I’ve taken care of my cousin’s cat before (black shorthair cat named Friday, so adorable – he ate a lot of turkey) and got to help groom and prepare his food. So I know about that aspect about it. But once I started reading up on information regarding cats, I realized that I really didn’t know much about anything at all.

For example, I really don’t know much about Rabies in cats. I also don’t know much about how various breeds tend to act. I don’t know about common ailments or how many times a year they should be taken to the vet for a check up. I have absolutely no idea how to train a kitten not to scratch at furniture or to not scratch me. However, I do know enough to know that I don’t know enough and it’s great that there’s websites like has breed directories, all this information about health, care, nutrition and behavior and it’s a great resource for someone who’s just wanting to learn all they can about taking care of an animal or for someone who knows quite a bit, but just wants to look something up.

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  1. Sounds good for someone like me who wants a cat, or maybe a bunny or a hamster, or a horsie, and amphibians are awesome too. Froggies, fishies, geckos!

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