In the area that I live in, the police are very heavily involved in the community. They not only help with emergencies, but they also help out with non-profit organizations, they help fundraise for various causes (i.e. local food banks, animal shelters, cancer research). They do all this while taking the slack when things go wrong with various cases and can be occasionally ridiculed in the local newspapers. But they do all these things and we generally don’t put that much thought into how much time and effort that they put into the community outside of their working hours. Which is pretty awesome of them. Police gear, however, is rather pricey and police officers sure do need a lot of it. Besides their uniforms, which include tactical pants, they also need proper footwear, different types of gun holsters to go on different parts of your body (I wonder how long it takes to pull up a pant leg to get the gun at the ankle), different types of flashlights and so much more. If you or someone you know is in law enforcement, refer them to to make sure that they are properly equipped.

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