This year (like every other year), my birthday falls incredibly close to Halloween and every year I muse about having a costume party. I always end up deciding against it because I’m usually incapable of deciding what kind of costume that I want to wear. Halloween is a great time of year though, especially if you’re still in public school. It’s still socially acceptable to get dressed, grab a pillowcase or some kind of bag and go door-to-door asking neighbours and random strangers for candy. It’s the only time of the year that the whole “don’t take candy from strangers” rule that has been drilled into us since we were three doesn’t apply. Granted, if you’re about ten and under, you should probably have a parent or someone check over the candy for you. And if you’re over the age of ten, perhaps it’s time that your parents taught you how to check the candy yourself. But regardless of how old you are, dressing up is pretty awesome and so are the Halloween Costume Stores associated with it. The last time that I bought a Halloween costume (or rather, my parents paid for it), I went as a witch for the better part of my childhood. Black dress with ragged ends with a pointed hat. I didn’t have a broom, which always managed to disappoint me. If I was still working, I would definitely not be dressing up in a costume since it’d just be inappropriate for where I work (Yay, getting a broom caught up in a machine? No, thank you.) but it’s perfectly appropriate to get dressed for school. I’m planning on a cat costume this year, so it’ll be pretty neat. But I’m still missing parts for my costume so I’ve been looking around for things and one such site that I’ve been checking out is, which offers a section under their Accessories/Makeup category which is dedicated towards Tails, Ears & Noses. Which is awesome, because I do need a pair of black ears and a tail to complete my outfit! Do you know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? And if so, where are you getting parts for your costume?

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  1. Not sure what I’m going to be for Halloween but maybe I can strive to finish one of my cosplays for AE before Halloween because that would make life easier for when AE does approach

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