I’m currently sitting outside of the lecture theatre where I’m going to have psychology (yay… psychology) and through my musing, I’ve learned some things. Or rather, I came to a sense of revelation or came to a point of self-discovery. And oh, yes, I’m going to sound quite philosophical (or at least try to sound quite philosophical) as I detail the things that I’ve learned within the last fourteen minutes.

1. Since May 8, 2008, I’ve posted 86 blog entries that somehow fit into the catergory with Clay’s name. From May to August, the majority of my life revolved around a) school, b) work and c) the boyfriend that is/isn’t my boyfriend. And though those 86 blog entries, in which I detail conversations, emotions, thoughts, very random musings and just cute interactions, I have come to realize something. I’m becoming one of those people who’s lives squarely revolve around another human being. Well, perhaps the word ‘squarely’ is incorrectly use. Right now my life revolves around school more than the boyfriend that I a) rarely get to see and b) he’s on the opposite side of the country for the next 6-7 days. But seriously, that’s the way my life’s been going. But, on the brightside of him not being around for me to constantly talk to, I do spend a whole lot more time and energy with the studying and the textbooks and readings than I normally do.

2. I usually judge people, when I first meet them, by how they treat me. It’s easy to do that, if they treat me nicely, they are likely to be a nice person. Right? Wrong! I learned recently that in order to truly judge someone, you should see how they treat people that they normally spend time with, people that they have gotten comfortable with and people, to whom, they show their true colours.

3. I’m currently lonely. Lonely, lonely, lonely. I haven’t seen friends that don’t attend the same university in a while (read: probably around a month now?). Also, haven’t seen the boyfriend in over two weeks now. Plus, haven’t even really seen my neighbours all that much, and I see the ones that live next to my house fairly frequently. I mean, I haven’t gotten a decent hug in a while. Seriously, I’m lacking human interaction here! Speaking to people counts, but not on the same level. Shaking hands, does not count. Having bratty little children yanking on my hair in public transit definitely does not count.

4. I am terribly grateful that I decided to wear knee socks today. The campus of my university is really great. There’s a lot of buildings, a lot of trees and flowers and plants and the views are amazing. The only problem? My school is surrounded by water on three sides. The windchill? Not so amazing. In fact, it’s kind of a pain in my ass but I’m very, very, very grateful that today I had enough sense to put on knee socks to keep my legs warm. I also had enough sense to pile on the layers (t-shirt + hoodie + jacket over all of that). The only issue is that I forgot a scarf and my neck was left a little exposed. So were my ears and my head. Note to self: shove a hat into my bag so I no longer have to suffer having a cold head.

5. No matter what I do, or how I dress, people are always going to start conversations with me on public transit. It doesn’t matter if I have my hair in pigtails and look like I’m thirteen or if I’m dressed a little bit more ‘my age’. It just doesn’t matter. I’m still going to have people talking to me on public transit. They’re still going to think that I’m interested in what they have to say. They’re still going to be making lewd comments and think that it’s appropriate. What is it about public transit that attracts the crazies? And please, don’t say that I’m one of them (because if I were, I don’t think I would be sane enough to type this).

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  1. It’s not necessarily bad if your life revolves around someone else. As long as you can step away from time to time and still function by yourself, you’re good. It seems like you’re still functioning. When we develop serious relationships and spend a lot of time with anyone, they become an important part of our life – even moreso when it’s romantic and we consider spending our lives together; then decisions and even our homes become shared and dependent on the other.

    Still, being aware of this is good for you.

  2. Wow so many posts XD.

    Aaaw we need to hang out sometime. I miss everybody too T^T.

    LOL That’s why I sleep on transit. It makes life a lot better.

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