[No photos today because they were all a) documents and b) had my personal info slathered all over them.]

1. I got this card in the mail informing that I was receiving because I’m eligible to vote in the next Canadian Federal Election! For those who don’t pay attention to the media (or those who do not live in Canada and therefore don’t care about the Canadian Federal Election), it is on October 14th. Which happens to be a Tuesday. And polls are open from 7am to 7pm. Would you like to know what is wrong with that? For starters, I get on the bus for school at 7am and I don’t get home until about 7:10pm. Am I going to let that deter me from voting? Of course not. I’m just going to do the early ballots near the beginning of October. Rah, rah, rah and voting and the right to have a voice in democracy and all that. Speaking of the elections, the leader of a major political party was at my school today. He was doing a massive speech and it was mentioned to be in one of the largest lecture theatres on campus (I think there was a bit of wishful thinking there, because you could probably fit in a little over a thousand bodies in that theatre before running out of seating space). The major parties (for those who don’t know, or don’t care) are the Liberals (middle/left wing), the Conservatives (currently in power, but it is a minority government, middle), NDP (New Democrat Party – I don’t believe that they’ve ever been in power – left wing) and Green (I believe they’re left wing? They have never been in power and despite being a federal party, I don’t think they currently have anyone that was elected while in that party – Good job Green Party!).

2.  I got mail from MSP (Medical Service Plan for the province of BC). Or actually, it was for my mom, informing her that her daughter was turning nineteen soon (gee, really?) and therefore my mom needed to decide if she wanted to keep her daughter on her medical plan or not (Which she does! Thanks mom!). However, if my mom decided she didn’t want me to stay on the plan, it would have been okay as well. I can get back onto the medical plan at school (bad choice, super expensive) or go with the plan through MSP, which would be preferrable as a person with an income between $0-$20,000, I’m required to pay $0 for my medical insurance. However, I’m not sure how much that would cover of everything and my mom already pays for a family plan (because my father’s on her health insurance through work) so I’m going to stick on that (plus, it covers all prescription medication, which I found out a while ago – awesome!).

3. And lastly, I got a postcard from my dentist. This is not the dentist that I like, it’s from my current dentist. The one who treats me like a five year old, the one who asks me if I want to watch Finding Nemo or Over the Hedge while he’s working on me and the one that offers a bouncy ball or a ring (nickel-filled metal ftw…?) when I’m leaving to go along with my new toothbrush and floss. “IT’S BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE’VE SEEN YOU, WE’D LOVE TO SEE YOU SOON!” … Yes, I know, it’s sad advertising. I hope they don’t actually get repeat customers just because of that postcard. At least my other dentist’s postcards had a more cartoony vibe to it. Plus it came with a sheet of stickers of teeth doing things like flossing, brushing teeth and sitting in a dentist chair. Old dentist: 1; Crackpot: 0.

What did you get in the mail today?

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  1. I got my voting card in the mail too. But on Friday.
    My dad and I received one but my mother has yet to get one.
    Apparently none of our candidates are right wing?

  2. I got my card in the mail as well. I wasn’t even aware how I became registered.. I guess it just happens. I also got a lovely bank statement. No big deal, haha. At least it wasn’t bills. Blah..

  3. I simply adore mail lol of course now a days all i get are bills! I Love when i get coupons and stuff. and i’ve been trying to send away for samples lately
    sorry I havent been around more. dog. cat. lol
    <3 nichole

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