In my two biology courses that I’m taking this term (one on all vertebrate organisms and the other for just human anatomy and physiology), there’s a lot of learning objectives that are in common. We learn about different systems like the the digestive system, the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system. And considering that I want to go into nursing, I better know quite a bit about the human body! The (overly expensive) textbook package that I purchased for my anatomy and physiology came with cds and various booklets with lots of imagery and videos for learning more about the anatomy in a more ‘in depth’ kind of way. But when I do become a nurse (… you can all stop edging away from the hospitals now), I’ll have to be familiar with different ailments such as cardiac arrest, arrhythmia and heart valve failure (which is some pretty nasty business). One way for me to learn about this is from a website like It’s an interactive website with a lot of videos that are produced by doctor who provide information on heart disease in a way that people can understand. So if you are also aspiring to work in health services (or someone that you know suffers from heart disease) maybe it’s a good idea to check out that website. It’ll give you some basic knowledge, and then some, on some very common issues regarding the heart.

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  1. I’ve pretty much hated biology. But (not meaning to most though) I know a lot about the heart. I think I have bradycardia.

    But I do have a high cholesterol and I always worry about clogging my arteries. It’s kinda scary actually. Heart disease is so common in society.

  2. I’ve always found Biology to be one of the most interesting of the sciences. This site would really help a friend of mine also going into nursing, but she’s having a tough time with it. I get a little nervous reading these medical sites because I start to look up different things, weighing out if I have symptoms or not…I’m not a hypochondriac, it’s just a natural instinct to worry about your own body I guess. I will definitely keep this website on hand for future reference.

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