Granted, there’s not a whole lot of things that I get impressed with, but really… if only you knew… you wouldn’t be very impressed either. And luckily for you, I’m able to inform you of all the reasons that I am not impressed with everyone in general today. I guess I should start at the beginning.

I woke up at 6am because of my cell phone vibrating (it was a set alarm, I’m not having crazies call me at 6am – thank goodness). My regular alarm (the one with the obnoxious buzzer sound) did not go off. Why, might you ask? Because someone pulled it out of the outlet. And that someone? Not me. I’m going to have to murder whoever did that because if I had slept through my cell phone alarm, oooh… there’ll be hell to pay.

Next, I left my house at 6:50am. The bus arrives at approximately 6:54-6:56am. My parents left the house (they carpool, how very eco-friendly my family is) at 7:10am and the bus still had not arrived. They gave me a ride to the train station. The entire time my father was lamenting about the public transit system and how it’s horrible. I suggested that he buy me a car, he said no.

My biology lab this morning. It was scheduled to go from 9am to 12pm. Three hours. Three hours in a lab doing goodness-knows-what. I was completedly and left the room by 10am. That’s right, two hours early. Am I’m impressed? Not particularly. Why? The next thing on my schedule (lecture for family studies) is from 1-2:30pm. That means I have a three hour break between classes.

Overall: Michelle is not overly impressed with the world today. Because it’s a) not impressive at all and b) I can overhear a bunch of guys talking about calculus and how they want to see drunk girls on mechanical bulls during the Halloween Club Crawl. Is that reassuring of the future of the world? Not really, considering they’re probably math majors and want to save the world with one integral at a time.

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  1. Oh yeah, I’m not impressed by my school either. I’ve got to find time after my shower to blog about what went down today, it was ridiculous poop.

  2. Im a day late, oops. Yea the guys sounded pretty… skanky and Im grateful I have a car and I dont have to use public transit. Then again, we dont HAVE public transit around here so I would be fubar. Very, very grateful for my Squeaky.

    When I was in English Lit, our teacher always joked/made fun of the Math students. He said they were going to hell. It was funny, I cant remember the whole thing, but it was hilarious.

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