I have two new fanlistings to show off! I’ve been having FTP access issues lately and somehow today I managed to get in and uploaded all the files today. Besides the ‘about’ pages because I always take the longest time on those and I haven’t gotten up my ‘essays’ on the topic yet, haha. Maybe after midterms (or finals..).

Sheer Brilliance – the fanlisting for the NYT #1 Best Selling Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon (aka Kinley MacGregor). She wrote all the novels in the Dark-Hunter series (if you’re a fan and want to join the fanlistings available for her books, look down!), as well as several other books in various series (Bureau of American Defense; Lords of Avalon and several standalone novels and novellas).

Heroic – the fanlisting for the Dark-Hunter Series: Acheron novel. It’s the largest and I believe it is one of the best novels in the series (however, Dance with the Devil, Dark Side of the Moon and Devil May Cry will always hold equally special places on my bookshelf. [pause] Actually, Dance with the Devil is still my all-time favourite, but the others are still just as good, just not quite as much, haha).

@ Cole – the ‘random woman’ is one of the people I sit and talk with at my volunteering position (I spend time with people in a long term care home).

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  1. Ah, see that makes more sense.

    Funny, I’ve never heard of that author but today I stumbled across an RPG group on yahoo based around her works and now your blog.

  2. Aww, I wish I had the patience to keep fanlistings like you! Unfortunately I don’t know of Kenyon or the other books. Shame on me, I love reading though. I hate it when I have FTP problems. Blehh.

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