So I was walking from the bus loop to the building (third floor with super-slow elevators so I always take the stairs, my poor legs) where I have my English lit class. I walk down concrete stairs to cut across this sort of ‘mini park’ area. There’s trees, benches, tables, newspaper boxes. And so I’m about to take a step down when I hear something hissing at me. I stop and look down at my feet.

And there was a grey squirrel curled up right where my foot was about to go. In fact, at that point my shoe was about a few centimetres from the squirrel’s head. And it just flicks its tail at me and bats the side of my shoe to the side and then curls back up to sleep. Seriously, what kind of squirrel sleeps, all curled up, on the concrete steps? Aren’t squirrels supposed to sleep in holes in trees or nestled up in bushes or something?

I was not impressed at all. The squirrel should have been up in a tree or something. Not sleeping somewhere where someone (such as myself) can step on it’s fluffy, bushy-tailed body.

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  1. What! that’s insane! I can’t believe the squirrel was right there.. seriously. I would have picked it up 😀 and cuddled.

    We had pet squirrels once. Dad/uncle Donnie shot their mother (not knowing their were babies) and mom later heard something on the roof – it was four teeny tiny babies.

    So she tried to rescue them but made matters worse. One of them died from not eating, mom slapped one because it was nibbling on her (i swear it caused brain damage) and I don’t remember what happened to the other two. we tried though!

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