I no longer have a fever (yay!) – I still, however, have a cough and my voice still sounds raspy and is difficult for some people to figure out what I’m saying (plus I’m way more soft spoken right now than I normally am – only because I’m sick and it hurts to speak too loudly). Clay’s been back in BC since late Sunday night/early Monday morning. I have free time (if I put off studying and doing notes or working on my English paper). He’s just ‘not in the mood’ to drive out here. Which is unfortunate, because it’s not like I get unlimited access to the car (or can come up with something decent as to why the level of gas is suddenly so low). He’s going to try though (apparently).

Some questions for you today, because I don’t have much else to say. Unless you want to hear me describe the sounds of my cough…? I didn’t think so.

(And my own answers for my questions…)

1. 582 times it’s weight in wood.
2. strangely-possessed.net (I know, I know – I have a thing for long domain names.)
3. I haven’t a clue – that’s what you’re for!

1. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

2. What’s the name of the first domain that you ever owned? (For those who never owned a domain: what’s the earliest site name that you remember having?)

3. Do you think I should have a themed birthday party this year? Yes or no? What kind of theme would you suggest?

2 Responses

  1. 1. As much as woodchuck could chuck wood

    2. The only one I owned was the one me you, and Kelsey spilt…That’s it, and I think that was strangely-possessed.net…I know pathetic that I don’t remember but my memories a little foggy…Or just really terrible haha

    3. Theme I’m not sure but if you decide yes: Lord of the Rings, or Grey’s Anatomy. Or something that would call for crafty cool decorations. Or a teddy bear theme. I know the next thing your going to say into regards to Teddy Bear theme is “Are you FIVE Jenna?”…Probably. But we could have tea, and bring our teddies and give them hats, and have them sitting around a little table with party hats!……I’ll stop now for the sake of your sanity

  2. 1. However much is in his stomach.

    2. s-p.net Haven’t had one since =(

    3. Themed would be saweeet. I kinda secretly like the teddy bear tea party thing…
    It could be more fitting as a 19th birthday party theme if it were a spiked teddy bear tea party. I’ll think of more themes and share them with you later =)

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