He’s alive. But oh, he has plans today, and tomorrow and (surprise, surprise) Sunday as well. I rank very high on his list of “people I want to see”, as you can all tell. So, not impressed. My cell phone informs me that I have 7 unread text messages (and yes, they’re all from him). I need to work on this whole ‘not being passive aggressive’ thing.

The only rule? List ten things that recently made you happy.

  1. Getting a new layout up.
  2. Getting the Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor and Acheron fanlistings up.
  3. The NaNoWriMo site relaunching early! (My username is littlevampiregirl)
  4. Finding someone on NaNo to chat with about musicals.
  5. Catching up on sleep on the bus/train on the way home from school.
  6. Getting a prescription renewal.
  7. Watching the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (same for The Tudors, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Heroes).
  8. Finding new blogs to read.
  9. Getting a cupcake balanced on my head again (and eating it instead of having it fall off).
  10. My birthday that is X days away (my birthday party is X+1 days away).

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  1. Ugh. Im so sorry I havent been online. I actually havent been home since Monday. Ive been at my gms. Ill explain later; I intend to go home tomorrow but that doesnt mean much with me.. I like the layout; sorry about Clay being a douche but atleast youve heard from him. Gonna finish new moon tonight and i got the other two.

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