1. Under what conditions are you most likely to cause injury to yourself?
    When I’m feeling like I don’t have control or in a state of depression. Or when I have access to sharp objects.
  2. What named mountain is nearest where you are right now?
    Mt. Something-or-Another (don’t feel like revealing where I live)
  3. When did you last eat something with coconut in it?
    Does getting coconut-scented shampoo into my mouth count?
  4. Who’s getting on your nerves?
  5. Somewhere, somebody is asking him- or herself whatever happened to you. Who is it?
    I don’t know and I’m not sure that I would even care.

One Response

  1. 1. I’m really clumsy so pretty much in any condition but when I’m angry I’m more like to do something stupid like punch a wall, or like throw a chair against a wall and end up hitting myself…That’s my brilliance for you.

    2. Once that has snow

    3. Ummm I think it was this pastry thing I made into little rolls with chocolate, and coconut shavings

    4. My father. Who else gets on my nerves on a consistent basis?

    5. My brother from another mother I hope. Otherwise probably the stalkerish creep from my History 12 class.

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