It’s a little overdue so here it is. I’m hoping there’s no issues as I finished the images last night and just fixed the css within the last 15 minutes. And now it’s time for class so… Have a good Friday, everyone! I’ll probably blog more later. Like how I haven’t heard from the boyfriend in over two days. Or how I have a paper due in two weeks that I want to get done within the next forty-eight hours. Or something like that.

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  1. I’m going to say this again. New layout is pretty. I need to redo my layout to something that is more …ummm what’s the word I’m looking for…Better organized! I was going to say more better and that doesn’t really make any sense. God my brain is melting

    He hasn’t even texted you?

    I LOLED at the your twitter saying Elizabeth May looks like Timothy Spall. It’s so true XD. I didn’t notice till now but when I compared images. OMG IT’S TRUE! It’s Peter Pedigrew meets boobs, glasses, and cleaner hair.

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