What is one thing you admire about each of your parents?
I admire my mother for putting up with my father and (despite the fact that I cannot stand his ideals and morals) I admire my father for sticking to what he knows best (even if it isn’t the best thing for anyone other than himself).

Which parts of your home do you like best?
I like my room… It’s the only room that really has colour in it (everything else is cream, white, beige, etc. while my room is light green and dark purple).

Which would you prefer and why? To have every stoplight turn green upon your arrival for the rest of your life or to have one week of the best sex any person ever had?
I’d prefer to have the stoplight turn green upon my arrival for the rest of my life so I can get to the predetermined meeting place where I can get the second-best sex any person has ever had. 😀

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