This is probably going to come off as morbid, but it’s kind of cool that you can look up the death certificates of people in any US state at For instance, you could search the texas death records, or look up relatives in Florida or an old family friend from Ohio. I’m not quite sure what one does with death certificates though… However, a handful of things that you could do with it is to prove to the government that someone is dead (and for them to stop hounding you if you’re not taking care of that person’s estate) or to prove to the police that this random person from wherever cannot possibly be your dear great, great uncle because he’s been gone for a few years (and that person should most definitely be charged with identity theft). Luckily, the website’s easy to use and has easy-to-navigate links. It does cost some money to view the death certificates though, which is probably a good thing as I’d be a little unnerved if I died in the States and anyone could just random look up my death certificate after my death. […] Yeah, that’d be kind of morbid. But, at the same kind, kind of cool that the information is available like that.

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