For those that don’t know, I’m a huge fan of jewelry. I like making my own things and it’s gives gifts a more personal touch. But then there are things that I can’t make. I don’t exactly have the means to afford the equipment needed for making some things. For instance, I can’t really make studs (as far as I know) and neither can I make rings. But then I know there are some people who like browsing for women’s diamond rings jewelry gifts. It’s kind of crazy, but as I get older, I find that more and more of the people that I know talk about more serious progression of their relationships. Serious progression includes living together, children and, of course, marriage. And one of the appropriate ways to propose is with a ring – usually a diamond ring.

While I’m no where near ready to consider children and marriage certificates and title deeds to property, it is pretty fun to look at jewelry online. And the selection at Ross-Simons is pretty extensive. They have everything from simple bands to delicate designs and all sorts of materials used too (sterling silver, gold, silver). And while I’m pretty sure that no one likes me enough to spend too much money on me for my birthday, it’s always pretty nice to dream. From a design perspective, I like their work with pearls and precious gems. My favourite (and after looking at it a bit longer, I realized that it would probably be mistaken for an engagement ring if I wore it on my left ring finger…) is this one, a beautiful white gold ring with a round tanzanite set in the centre.

But for those with money to spend (or dreamers like myself!) the Ross-Simons website ( is a really nice website to browse. They have a huge selection of jewelry (correction: a goregous selection of jewelry) and it is very easy to browse and find something that you will like since it’s set up so that you can browse by product type (i.e. ring) and then by price, or material or number of stones or what kind of ring you’re looking for (i.e. wedding bands). Overall, their website just a breeze to navigate and the photographs of their jewelry selection are beautiful.

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