Scene 1:
[phone starts vibrating]
Michelle: Hello?
Random Woman: Hello? David?
M: Um… you have the wrong number.
R: I want to speak to David.
M: You. Have. The. Wrong. Number.
R: Let me speak to my husband right this very instant you little whore!
[hangs up.

Scene 2:
[phone starts vibrating]
M: Hello?
R: Now listen here, David might be paying for your apartment, but you’re going to damn well let me speak to him when I want to.
M: You have the wrong number, woman.
R: [pause] Isn’t this (insert phone number here)?
M: No. The last two numbers are switched.
R: Oh. Sorry about that.
[call ends]

Scene 3:
[phone starts vibrating]
M: [muttering] fucking hell… Hello?
R: I’d like to speak to David please.
M: [mutters something] You have the wrong number. Again.
R: No. I dialed the correct number this time. Now put my fucking no-good husband on the phone.
M: You. Have. The. Wrong. Number. And if you don’t stop calling this number, I will report you for harassment. Now have a nice day.
[hangs up]
M: [thinking to self] No wonder her husband left her…

6 Responses

  1. Ugg I hate that so much. Capital One phones our house looking for J.Welsh all the time.

    Me: “You have the wrong number. There is no J.Welsh here”
    Person: “I’ll phone back later”
    Me: “…I said you have the wrong number….”

  2. What the hell -___- stupid woman. That happened to me with this girl CONSTANTLY asking for ‘Woody’ since I got my phone six years ago. I kept saying ‘you’ve got the wrong number’ and she just keeps calling back. Grrrg.

  3. Hahahaha, I used to get calls like that too from Citibank and Home Depot asking for Hector. Once the Citibank guy even asked if I was Hector. I was like, “Seriously, bitch?”

  4. This is why i am glad i have caller id and i don’t pick up numbers i don’t recgonize. XD I even get random long distance calls.

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