It sounds ridiculous and stupid. But there was a goat on campus (don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue). And it’s an actual goat with actual horns. And it actually ran towards me.

Then the person who had it on a leash finally realized what his goat was doing and then stopped pressing the button on the leash to extend it and the goat freaked out at the fact that it was being stopped.

And this is how Michelle nearly got killed by a goat today.

[The guy cute, and so was the goat after it stopped running towards me – but who walks a goat around on a leash?]

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  1. Well I know UBC has a farm with fruits and veges for the agriculture department maybe they have goats, and chickens over there too XD. I really don’t know.

    As a kid I was scared off goats actually since one tried to eat my cute pink sweater when I was little. My mom told me I wouldn’t stop crying after that, and every time I saw a goat I ran away. XD.

  2. hey !!! I am doing that dreaded transcription lol. anyways I am posting my password here for my proteced entries because basically the only person I dont want seeing them is if my teacher saw from shes on myfacebookwhich has a flickrwhich has a link my blog lol
    what are the odds anyways.that she could come here and get the password? i’m

    yes. you have a intersting life. goats? peppy people? lol

  3. Wow, that may just be one of the most random things ever, haha! It’s not often you see a guy walking a goat on a leash. Maybe it’s a conversation starter? =P

    I’ve been reading your older entires, and I’ve got to say, they’re really funny! =) I especially liked your recent phone conversation. Do unusual things happen a lot to you? Goats, phone calls…heh. =]

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