Right now. Give me something to do.

For example, apply for a review at Imaginary Sunshine Reviews. Do it. You know that you want to know exactly how I feel about your website… -nods-

Anyways… I stopped listening to “Fall Apart” by Deepfield on repeat. Now I’m listening to podcasts. Hmm… Having someone else do some thinking for me now.

And now, for the Friday Five from Friday5.org.

1. Who frightens you?
To be quite honest: my parents.

2. Who regularly surprises you?
M from my bio lab (he’s such a charmer) or J from my English lit and psych lectures (he’s a sweetheart).

3. Who calms you down?
K, K, Kristi and Clay.

4. Who inspires you?
Umm… I don’t know. Lots of people.

5. Who admires you perhaps more than he or she should?
People admire me? Wtf is wrong with the world…

2 Responses

  1. Lololol. You need to PROMOTE, Michelle. Like crazy. Plug it everywhere. Do the childish thing ‘OMGIEZ LYK VISIT MAI AWESOME REVIEW SYTE 2DAII’. Plaster it in people’s faces. Record it in a pedo voice and stick it somewhere. Beg people.

    Not that it works.

    But after all these other slow people who actually ‘CBB DOIN A REVIEW LYK OMGIEZ SKOOL IS DRIVIN ME KWAYZEE’ actually finish my reviews ~ then I’ll apply at I.S reviews D: 😀

    Some idiot called me greedy for applying for reviews everywhere. Um, idiot (did I not say), not everyone has the same opinion as you. But yes, I’ll apply for a review at I.S for my next layout or so. (I’ve had enough shitty opinions for my current one. *rolls down a hill in anger*.) (Eg. ‘Too simple’. OHMYFEKKENGOD, what are you going to call Google then, if mine’s simple? Special effects my ass. Brush overload your site and whore it out with some stupid celebrity whoopee.)

    (Sorry about the rant.)

  2. Well, I know my site needs work, and I was kind of going to wait for seeking reviews until I had it more up to my expectations, but if you’d like, I’ll submit my site. =) I guess it would be nice to have a review from the very beginning of my site, to see how I improve (hopefully =P).

    But this Friday 5 thing is really cool! =o I think I’m going to try doing that, as well. =)
    (And my parents scare me, too, haha.)

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