For those who’ve been reading my blog lately, you all know that I’ve recently found a new host (or rather, I’m in the process of moving my site, but going from being an add-on domain to having my own hosting package – same difference, sort of). And it’s a really great feeling, having control and stuff like that. And I did a lot of research when looking for a new hosting company. And anyone who’s looking for a new home for their website or wanting to start a new website really does deserve a chance to find the very best website hosting company that they can find. One such website where you can do some research on the best hosting company for you is Web Hosting Rating. It’s a really nicely laid out website, super easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.

They have a top 10 list for hosting companies, as well as an awards section for so many different categories like Best Budget Web Hosting and Best Dedicated Web Hosting. There’s even a section of articles all about hosting companies and what to look for and what’s good and what’s not so great in the industry. I found it really helpful when I was looking through it and it’s actually one of the websites that I did consult when I was doing research on hosting companies. In the end, I did stick with a company that was familiar to me and that I did have experience with. But if you’re looking for a change (or just want to see what’s out there), is a really good resource and I’d encourage you to see just how many different companies there are out there for you to look at before you make your final decision. The hosting company that you choose is very important so it pays to do the research so you get what you paid for.

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  1. Thanks for the advice. =) I’m pretty new to this field of owning my own website (thank goodness I have a friend who really knows what she’s doing and can help me. xD). So I’ll definitely keep those sites in mind if I ever need such services. =)

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