Surpass has been super in getting my account set up for me. Less than 24 hours after I sent them the money for my hosting package, my account is set up. They emailed all the information in one very nice and concise email. I like it. So I’m currently in the processing of moving everything over there. Obviously it’ll take some time to get myself settled and once all my files are over there, I’ll be pointing my domain name over there (rather than here) and crossing my fingers that there’s minimal downtime (or heads shall roll? I think so). But it’ll take a bit since I do have to access the cpanel where my site is currently hosted and for some weird reason, I can only ever seem to access it while I’m on my school’s wireless network – luckily I’ll be on campus tomorrow so I’ll just hop onto it and get all the stuff that I need.

In other news, my father and I ended our week together on a bad note. While we were in the car going to pick up my mom at the airport (who enjoyed her trip, yay) he started on about how the most intelligent decision that I could make is to quit school and (basically) become a golddigger. Why, might you ask? Well, it’s because I don’t have the drive needed to be happy and successful as a nurse. He continued on to say that I wasn’t patient enough, or compassionate enough or intelligent enough to be able to be a good nurse because I’m just “not that type of person”. Of course, he picks a time while we’re in a car that’s going 80km/hr on a highway to tell me this. I debated seriously for a few minutes to just unbuckled my seatbelt and take my chances rolling out of the car. But then decided that my ankle probably wouldn’t be able to take it as I had just rolled it that morning and it already hurt enough to walk on it. I’m too selfish to be able to help people, I’m too self-centred, too lazy, too stubborn to admit when I’m wrong and when I’ve screwed things up. Gee, thank you daddy; that’s just what every person wants to hear from their own father.

We went to my uncle and aunt’s house last night and after hearing him go on and on about me to my uncle and aunt, I just left their house and walked home (they live about three blocks from us, so not too far). My father claims that he had been “joking” and it was all in good fun. Newsflash: when you’re being cruel enough to drive someone to tears, it’s no longer funny.

That being said… When I graduate from nursing school, I will seriously consider moving to work in another province or just another part of this province (perhaps just far enough that I do have to move and can have a valid excuse not to have to see him every weekend).

Plus, he tried to get himself back into my good graces today by offering to buy me two goldfish.

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  1. Wow, that is so not the way a father should act. “Joking” or not. =[ You’ve already shown the determination and drive just by heading into this major — you were obviously smart enough to realize that it’ll take a lot of work. I respect you for that. =] And he should stop acting like a jerk.

    You go, Michelle, you go! ;D

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