And there is absolutely nothing to watch on television right now. Also, I’m stuck doing laundry because my father is too lazy to and my mother thinks she doesn’t need to because she was the one who put it into the dryer. So I’m folding laundry. And that gives me way too much time to think.

For instanced, the first 10 random words that pop into my head include: tied, Skittles, sex, party, kiss(es), hugs, bed, room, blindfold and chocolate.

Of course, now that I think about it, it’s not so much ‘random’ as it is ‘guess what Michelle’s thoughts are preoccupied by!’

I’m going to go back to attempting to study now. (This idea was all shot to hell the moment my cell phone started vibrating.)

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  1. you crazy girl lol
    laundry doesnt bother me. actually i’d rather do it than david screw something up and me freak out
    its 7 a.m I should be in bed.actually I should be at my moms. dang

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